ELKO DRESS - MESOZOIC GARDEN (1 x Large available)

ELKO DRESS - MESOZOIC GARDEN (1 x Large available)

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New to the VH family is the Elko dress! Designed to be a little bit fancy, this is one of our all time favourite cuts that was designed to hero the seasonal prints. Made from a flowy soft silk/cotton blend specifically chosen to give the drape of silk with the durability of cotton. 

The dress is midi length with a high neckline and contrasting binding, 3/4 length loose sleeves that are easily rolled up. A tie sits at the waist and can be tied back or front depending on desired look. 

The original painting has been digitally cut up and collaged, creating a engineered placement print which is perfectly placed on all garments. Due to the special care needed when printing and making this item it will be made in extremely limited quantities. 



Made in Melbourne





S: 8-10

M: 10-12

L: 12-14


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